Gun control laws reduce crime.

The logic is pretty simple, criminals use guns to commit crime so if we keep the guns away from them they wont be able to commit the crime . Therefore the more regulations we have and the harder it will be for people and especially criminals to purchase a gun the less crime we will have on our streets.

The NRA and others argue that these regulations don’t work since criminals will always find ways to put their hands on guns through Illegal underground sales or theft and therefore these regulations have no affect, furthermore they argue that if more law obeying citizens will bare arms criminals would be far less likely to commit a crime if they believed their victim might be armed.

Well there are a couple answers to these clams but before I do that it important to recognize that after all is said and done studies have shown that gun control laws reduce crime [Tx3] and More Guns Do Not Stop More Crimes [Tx9] .

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