Sheikh Jarrah: The Facts

is an article summarizing facts of the Sheikh Jarrah eviction case in Israel. It was written by Alex Safian and published by the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting and Analysis (CAMERA).

Land Ownership [edit]

1876 Acquisition

In1876Jewsboughtetc . In 1876 Jews acquired the land under dispute [Tx3] .

Post 1948

takenbytheJordanianCustodian . In the 1948 War of Independence, the land was taken over by the Jordanian Custodian.

leasedtheland . In 1956, the Jordanian Custodian leased the land to the Jordanian Ministry of Development who then built homes for Palestinian refugees. The refugees were tenants paying rent to the Jordanian Custodian.


andthenbytheIsraeliCustodianafter1967 . Following Israel’s victory in the Six-Day War, possession of the land transferred from the Jordanian Custodian to the Israeli Custodian. Most of the land originally purchased in 1876 had been sold off by the Jordanian Custodian, but the Sheikh Jarrah property was exceptional in that it wasnot .


havetopayrent . Today the land is owned by Jews who purchased or reclaimed the land from the Israeli Custodian. The Palestinians living there donotdisputethis . For various reasons, however, the tenants continue to refuse to pay. Therefore, the private Jewish land owners– nottheIsraeligovernment are seeking to evict these tenants.

Reference [edit]

“Sheikh Jarrah: The Facts.” n.d. CAMERA (blog). .

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