Why gun control laws don't work

is an article written by the NRA-IL that makes the case that gun control laws do not reduce crime, rather in contras if more people bared arms society will be safer.

Arguments [edit]

1)Criminals Don’t Obey Gun Control Laws. Criminals, by definition, do not obey the law. Gun control laws only affect law- abiding people who go through legal avenues to obtain firearms. [Tx5]

2)Background Checks Aren’t Effective. Even if criminals did submit to background checks, we’ve seen that these checks aren’t effective at stopping those who intend to use guns to commit crimes.

3)Crime Goes Down When Good Guys Have Guns. a)It makes sense that criminals would be far less likely to commit a crime if they believed their victim might be armed.

b)Mass murderers have repeatedly been deterred or stopped by citizens carrying lawfully concealed firearms

  1. Alternative solution: Crime Control The simplest solution is crime control enforcing existing laws aimed at criminals who carry and use firearms to commit their crimes.

  2. Data proof
  1. Cities with some of the most stringent gun laws, like New York and Chicago, suffer from some of the highest violent crime rates.

b)Over the past three decades (1991-2019), violent crime rates have dropped by more than half. The number of privately-owned firearms in the United States doubled in that same period

Reference [edit]

“Why Gun Control Laws Don’t Work.” n.d. https://www.nraila.org/why-gun-control-doesn-t-work/ .

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