Her fragrance of choice was fresh garlic. Nobody has encountered an explosive daisy and lived to tell the tale. As he waited for the shower to warm, he noticed that he could hear water change temperature. She saw the brake lights, but not in time. She finally understood that grief was her love with no place for it to go.

Part 1 [edit]

It’s much more difficult to play tennis with a bowling ball than it is to bowl with a tennis ball. He shaved the peach to prove a point. David proudly graduated from high school top of his class at age 97. I want a giraffe, but I’m a turtle eating waffles. The tattered work gloves speak of the many hours of hard labor he endured throughout his life.

This is a comment. The best key lime pie is still up for debate. The clock within this blog and the clock on my laptop are 1 hour different from each other. I never knew what hardship looked like until it started raining bowling balls.:

Part 2 [edit]

Another one. Lets all be unique together until we realise we are all the same. There can never be too many cherries on an ice cream sundae. I was offended by the suggestion that my baby brother was a jewel thief.:

You’ll see the rainbow bridge after it rains cats and dogs. I’ll have you know I’ve written over fifty novels. He was disappointed when he found the beach to be so sandy and the sun so sunny. He had a hidden stash underneath the floorboards in the back room of the house. She folded her handkerchief neatly.

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