Just a comment. Three years later, the coffin was still full of Jello. The river stole the gods. The balloons floated away along with all my hopes and dreams.:

Another comment. He swore he just saw his sushi move. She thought there’d be sufficient time if she hid her watch. I only enjoy window shopping when the windows are transparent.:

Internal Comment. Three generations with six decades of life experience. He learned the important lesson that a picnic at the beach on a windy day is a bad idea. Traveling became almost extinct during the pandemic.:

Internal Comment 2. I met an interesting turtle while the song on the radio blasted away. The busker hoped that the people passing by would throw money, but they threw tomatoes instead, so he exchanged his hat for a juicer. You’ve been eyeing me all day and waiting for your move like a lion stalking a gazelle in a savannah.:

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